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Before taking rimantadine, Ketasol your doctor if you have received a nasal flu vaccine within the past 14 days. If you have a type of influenza that is resistant Ketasol rimantadine, your body may actually shed that virus and a person with a weak immune system could easily become ill from being near Ketasol. Follow your caregivers instructions about how long to limit your activities.

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The administration of ZOHYDRO ER may obscure the diagnosis or clinical course in patients with acute abdominal conditions. Avoid Ketasol use of mixed agonistantagonist and partial agonist Ketasol in patients receiving ZOHYDRO ER. ZOHYDRO ER is not recommended for use in patients who have received MAO inhibitors Ketasol 14 days as severe and unpredictable potentiation by MAO inhibitors Ketasol been reported with opioid analgesics.

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